We love E-Readers But Library Users Still Borrow Books

Library What area do e-readers and specifically ebooks maintain from the reading behavior of Australia’s 10 million people library borrowers? You will find a few 181 million things loaned annually from the state’s 1,500 public libraries, divisions, mobile libraries, mobile libraries and other support points however, according to the hottest survey based report by the […]

Why Libraries Can And Should Change

Libraries This the passing of this publication is a familiar lament commissioned by bibliophiles anywhere; a heartbreaking epic where the Goliath of technologies slays the David of culture and art. It could be superficially attractive to some. And it misses the fact that writing itself can also be a tech. Together with the wheel along […]

Libraries Humanist Ideals, Tourism Hotspots And Now, Social Glue

Libraries Humanist Last two Danish librarians Christian Lauersen and Marie Eiriksson based Library Earth a global, crowd sourced, online library traveling manual. In accordance with these, Library Planet is supposed to inspire travelers to start the wonderful publication that is our planet of cities, libraries and states. www.sektorgesit.com The title of the internet job is […]